aerobic capacity test for basketball

Each game was videotaped to identify the frequencies of the main movements performed, heart rate was recorded continuously, and blood samples were collected to determine blood lactate. Body composition and somatotypes were ascertained, together with speed, resistance, power and agility tests. de haut niveau. In, favor of this hypothesis, only moderate correlations have, been reported between sprint time and playing time in, authors and coaches use distances of 20 or 27 m to test their, players because it is close to the length of a basketball court, (13). Basketball players should have a good aerobic capacity to cover a distance of approximately 7.5 km per match, with mean heart rates (HR mean) ranging from 87.0 to 94.4 % of HR peak [ 3 , 24 , 25 , 27 ] . This study compares the intensity of game load among player positions and between the 1 st and the 2 nd half of the games. I basketball players, ages 18 to 22 years. Agility and upper limb strength, are also key factors to consider. Participants completed a repeat-sprint protocol, Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Test (Yo-Yo IRT) and 12-min BEST trial. Training characteristics, playing position and playing level of the players involved in this study. Aerobic capacity. Delextrat, A and Cohen, D. Physiological test. The last test performed in the present study was the 1RM, bench press. 2) Specific exercise advices for patiens with chronic deseases when they go to the primary care units, The aim of this project is to look at the potential acute and chronic benefits of Zumba Fitness for health, Methods to enhance the recovery process in Sports, Aims: 1) To dete rmine the brain activity patterns of children with and without DCD whilst they perform a novel movement 2) To measure the effect, of training this novel movement on brain activity, The main purpose of this article was to review a series of studies (n=26; 15 observational and 11 experimental) examining vertical jump (VJ) performances in female and male basketball players. Anaerobic capacity was evaluated with Wingate anaerobic power test (WAnT) for 30 seconds in standard laboratory conditions. Among the many feints, throws, passes and layups, are the slam dunks, a notorious moment in the game, and also theme of specific events in men's basketball. The more energy the aerobic metabolism can produce, and the faster it can do it, the longer an athlete can sustain a higher output. Keywords-Game load, heart rate, player positions, the 1 st and the 2 nd half of the games. trasting results between studies were reported in speed, flexibility, and upper body strength (6,10,12), showing that. Notre population se compose d’athlètes de haut niveau training of elite basketball players. This test is, characterized by a very good test-retest reliability (coef-, sprint, starting in a stationary position, with the fastest, performance recorded. capacity, suggested as a factor of performance before 2000. plays a less important role in modern basketball. Burke EJ, ed., Ithaca, NY: Movement, 1980. pp. Nine participants completed a further BEST trial at least 7 days later. However, this quality is not as important as other, characteristics previously described, as Hoffman et al. Kendall tau ([middle dot]) rank correlation analysis revealed moderate positive rank correlations between MP and both T1 and T2 ([middle dot] = 0.61 and 0.54, respectively). All rights reserved. féminins que les masculins. Testing was conducted four times over the duration of the season: before a five-week resistance training program (RTP); before preseason practice (PRES); midseason (MS); and within two days after the conclusion of postseason tournaments. However, during a game, the players are rarely in a sit-. ). Further-, more, Hoffman et al. The field-based tests and anthropometric measures were used to estimate WT peak power (PP) and mean power (MP) using multiple linear regressions. . ... Soccer is one of the most popular sports among adolescent females [1]. and height: 176.37±7.67 cm. Also, peak power is reached more quickly and sustained for a shorter period of time. (26) (performed before, the new rules). jump values varied greatly, from 22 to 48 cm in female players and from 40 to 75 cm in male players. Physical education students (n = 93) performed 7 explosive power tests: 5 different vertical jumps (Sargent jump, Abalakow's jump with arm swing and without arm swing, SJ, and CMJ) and 2 horizontal jumps (standing long jump and standing triple jump). ARTICLE HISTORY. Quelques soient les paramètres enregistrés, les volleyeurs Therefore, a good level, of upper body strength seems necessary for basketball, players. Within this context, it is reasonable to, question the use of the suicide run or similar efforts lasting, around 30 seconds in training sessions, which is still adopted by, European coaches. longitudinal study performed on 29 NCAA players. Although additional data would be needed to support, our results, they indicate that since the changes in the rules of, the game, basketball relies less on anaerobic capacity. However, only a poor relationship (p > 0.05) was observed between APJT and both PP and MP ([tau] = 0.20 and 0.28, respectively). However, the guards demonstrated higher MP relative to TBM (p < 0.05) when compared with the forwards. team (average times of 29.00 seconds versus 29.53 seconds. Specifically we hope to see which areas of their brain are affected at each stage of learning a new movement so that we can develop therapies that have the potential to revolutionise the lives of these children. After a standard, warm-up followed by a few practice trials, the peak torque, . Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. Each subject performed 7 tests, including vertical jump (VJ), 20-m sprint, agility T test, suicide sprint, 30-second Wingate anaerobic test (WAnT), isokinetic testing of the knee extensors, and 1 repetition maximum (1RM) bench press test. The Basketball Exercise Simulation Test (BEST) was developed using notational data describing the current activity demands of male basketball competition. The subjects started from a standing, position behind the baseline and ran at maximal speed to 4, different lines: the near free-throw line (5.8 m), the half-court, line (14 m), far free-throw line (22.2 m), and far baseline, (28 m). Verificamos que 25 % dos jogadores masculinos brasileiros de elite enterram em jogos oficiais. The subjects were seated on the, chair, with their knee and hip joints at a 1.57 rad angle, and, their thighs and trunk secured by straps. Based on the reviewed studies, five limitations associated with the testing protocols and the strength and conditioning programs used in the studies were outlined, among them the use of multiple testing protocols and lack of experimental studies. All this indicates that the rate of energy expenditure and total energy expenditure is higher for the shorter test, which suggests the need for pacing in the longer version. In addition, body mass and height were measured, and the body composition was estimated. It was devoted to the evaluation of the maximal, concentric strength of knee extensors of the subjects’, dominant leg using an isokinetic dynamometer (Cybex, Norm, Phoenix Healthcare, Nottingham, UK). and strength of the upper limb (1RM bench press). Team mean scores were significantly different (p < 0.001) except for height, weight, 30-yd dash, and agility. Eleven female (18.6 ± 3.67 yrs.) In view of the realization of the 1st Slam Dunk Tournament during the 2018 LBF All Stars Games, the aim of the study was to determine the ideal hoop height for Brazilian female players to be able to slam dunk. RESULTS: The purpose of this study was to evaluate how playing position, game period and playing time influenced the physical demands of youth basketball players. 20.4% for the Greek junior national team [1]). (C) 1994 National Strength and Conditioning Association, The purpose of this study was to compare 2 sport-specific field tests common in the training programs of basketball players to a laboratory measure of anaerobic power. Aerobic capacity is positively associated with recovery during repeated high-intensity bouts (Castagna et al., 2008; Tomlin and Wenger, 2001). contribution of anthropometric and physiological attributes. Aerobic Capacity Three test options are provided under the Aerobic Capacity test area: One-Mile Run 20-Meter Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run (20m PACER) Walk Test All test options under the Aerobic Capacity test area are reported in terms of VO 2 Max, which is a measure of maximum oxygen consumption during exercise. Results revealed that CMJ and SJ from a low-cost CM can be used as an alternative tool in assessment of jump performance. In contrast, anaerobic power is required in exercises, basketball, not only in the testing of players, but also in the, training sessions. (C) 1999 National Strength and Conditioning Association, This study examined the relationship of athletic performance tests, player evaluations, and playing experience relative to playing time in 29 male Div. Lower-body anaerobic power was assessed with the Wingate anaerobic test, and vertical jump (VJ) was determined with a Vertec apparatus using a counterjump procedure. Mean and SD values of each performance were calculated for, the whole group and each subgroup. uation where they have to sprint on the whole court distance, and video analyses of competitions have shown that the, high-intensity runs performed by players of national level, lasted between 1.7 and 2.1 seconds, which roughly cor-, responds to distances of 10 m (3,26). To aim of this study was to verify the aerobic capacity by lactate minimum test (LM) among different positions in professional basketball players. Since all jumping tests had high correlation coefficients with the principal component (r = 0.76-0.87), it was interpreted as the explosive power factor. Each subject performed, The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of a typical in-season week including four practice sessions and one competitive game on strength, jump and sprint performances in national-level female basketball players. This is in accordance with the results of Gillam (10) who, found that basketball players achieved significantly better per-, formances in the agility T test (5.5%) compared to the phys-, ical education majors (10). The statistical difference in the anaerobic performances was assessed by Student's t test. The sportive performances were assessed by "20 m Sprint test", "Slalom Test" and "Zone Shot" tests. CONCLUSION: The purpose of this study was to evaluate professional basketball players' concentric strength of knee extension and flexion and the full range of motion, using an isokinetic dynamometer at 60 and 180[degrees][middle dot]s-1. The study comprised 3 testing phases. Six measures of external load (total distance covered, high-speed distance, number of accelerations, decelerations, jumps and player load) were collected from 48 youth basketball players, over the course of a short tournament, through the use of a local positioning tracking system (WIMUPRO TM). Cette étude représentera le baseline jump (saut de Selected mean values +/- SD were as follows: height, 195.3 +/- 8.9 cm; weight, 91.3 +/- 11.1 kg; % fat, 9.4 +/- 15.2 %; vertical jump 71.4 +/- 10.4 cm; 1-RM bench press, 102.7 +/- 18.9 kg; 1-RM squat, 152.2 +/- 36.5 kg; 40-yd dash, 4.81 +/- 0.26 sec; agility 8.95 +/- 0.53 sec; and 1 mile run, 5 min 40 sec +/- 32 sec. The primary aim of this study was to determine reliability and factorial validity of squat (SJ) and countermovement jump (CMJ) tests. Because of its longer duration than the previous tests of this, study, the suicide run is a better predictor of the players’, anaerobic capacity than aerobic power. This is, characteristic of a faster game, with shorter actions undertaken, at a higher frequency, as it has been highlighted by Ben, Abdelkrim et al. In favor of this hypothesis, B, (3) showed in a recent study performed on elite under-19 male, players that the new rules of the game have led to a higher total, 15.0% of live time in the study of McInnes et al. Aerobic exercises like jogging, stationary bicycling, jumping rope and swimming are some of the best ways to build your strength and stamina. The centers (n = 9) were significantly taller (p < 0.0166) and greater in mass (p < 0.0125) than were the guards (n = 18) and forwards (n = 19). Foi determinada a altura de 2.75 m do aro em relação ao solo. among college men: starters vs. reserves. factorial validity of squat and countermovement jump tests. The players performed either flywheel inertial training (FIT) (n = 11) or tempo ECC training (TET) (n = 9) for 4 weeks, performing two sessions weekly. A group of 14 male competitive runners participated: 7 sprinters, aged 20.7 … Considering the elite players, the results of this study are important to characterize the RAST and LacMin responses as well as to provide reference values for athletes and coaches. Player activity profiles were analysed in function of i) player position (guard, forward and centers), ii) game period (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4) and iii) playing time (important players vs less important players). It was conducted on a rubber-coated contact. The subjects lowered an Olympic weightlifting bar, to mid-chest, and then were asked to press it until full arm, Overall, the parameters calculated from these tests may, allow the determination of a physiological profile of the, basketball players according to 5 main characteristics: speed, torques of the knee extensors, PP from the W. capacity (suicide run, MP, and fatigue index from the WAnT). finding is in contrast with the results obtained by Hoare (12), ‘‘best’’ versus ‘‘rest’’ Australian male and female basketball, players. The submaximal tests usually involve heart rate measurements which are then extrapolated to estimate performance at maximum effort. Again, 30 seconds, such as the suicide run, must be used less by. Nine members of an NCAA Division I men's basketball team volunteered to be evaluated. Pour cela nous avons pris en considération la nature des disciplines sportives, le genre ainsi que le niveau d'expertise. These results indicate that specific fitness training must be undertaken according to playing position. Competitive, high-class track athletes of the strength-speed events were submitted to the 10- and 30-second versions of the Wingate test to compare the values of basic variables such as maximal power, total external work, fatigue index, and chosen physiological responses. In: effects of a basketball season on aerobic and strength parameters. This result is similar to previous findings, reported in Australian junior players of national level before, the institution of the new rules (12). Age appeared to be positively correlated with the athletic tests; stature positively correlated with VO2 max and speed tests but negatively with agility, while weight appeared not to influence the tests. [14]). Purpose: The aim of this study was to propose field-based tests to estimate the anaerobic power of wheelchair basketball athletes. Generally, the basketball players of the present, study were characterized by a slightly lower performance, compared to Australian players (60.4 cm observed by Hoare, [12]) and a considerably lower performance compared to North, for NCAA players), (17,22). It takes many hours of training each day to show much improvement in aerobic capacity. within 3–5 attempts, as it has been previously described (20). Strength, speed and endurance changes during the course of, Relationship between athletic performance tests and playing time in, Eisenman, PA. A comparison between the Wingate Anaerobic Power Test to both. The WCT test was performed on the WCT HP Cosmos Saturn. Other jumping tests had lower but relatively homogeneous correlation with the explosive power factor extracted. Ceci étant, les études concernant le saut sont assez controversées (Schmidt, 2003 ;Mc Innes, 1995 ; ... Estudos sobre a impulsão de jogadores masculinos de basquetebol mostram dados obtidos a partir de testes sem progressão, que são largamente utilizados por treinadores por serem de fácil aplicação e simples interpretação, 1) Working loads , type of fatigue and estrategies of recovery in basketball. *Significant difference between the first, Finally, the performances of the first team and second team, by both groups did not differ significantly (, Results show that the players of the first team achieved, significantly better performances in the 1RM bench press, (+18.6%) than players of the second team (, The main results of the present study indicated that players of, the first team achieved significantly better performances in VJ. From this stationary position, the subjects took 1 step, backward with 1 foot, and then brought both feet together, before jumping as high as possible. These results emphasized the importance of anaerobic power in modern basketball, whereas anaerobic capacity does not seem to be a key aspect to consider. Test items included % body fat, a functional capacity test, and an anaerobic capacity test. Relative reliability was identified using intra-class correlation coefficient (ICC). The available literature advises that strength [2], speed [3], power. Two maximal exercise tests, i.e. Indeed, anaerobic, capacity, defined as the ‘‘maximal rate of energy production, by the combined phosphagen and lactic acid energy systems’’, (25) is required for exercises lasting between 30 and, 90 seconds. This study evaluated the aerobic capacity and anaerobic threshold of national level Israeli wheelchair basketball players. The subjects were considered to be deconditioned at this time. These large variations can be explained mostly by the differences in testing protocols (each VJ protocol examined different physiological pathways) and skill level of players. Moreover, the high intensity movements of basketball players are closely related to the development of strength, These results indicate: (1) a greater physiological load compared with previous studies on female players tested before the rules modification (Beam & Merrill, 1994; McArdle et al., 1971) and (2) lower movement frequencies compared with male players competing under modern rules (Ben Abdelkrim et al., 2007). (C) 1999 National Strength and Conditioning Association, Forty-five NCAA Division I male basketball teams totaling 437 players were surveyed about their height, weight, strength, speed, power, agility, body fatness, and aerobic capacity. evolve in the di erent educational stages of basketball. All these results suggest that jump. The participant begins at the starting cone and sprints forward 10 yards to touch the center (first) cone, shuffles left 5 yards to touch the second cone with their left hand, shuffles right 10 yards to touch the third cone with their right hand, shuffles back to the left 5 yards to touch the center (first) cone with their left hand, and then backpedals 10 yards to the starting cone to complete the test. Mean blood lactate concentration was 5.2 +/- 2.7 mmol . These observations, together with, our previous results, illustrate the lower fitness level of European, basketball players compared to American players and highlight, the necessity to develop the explosive power to be competitive, Some of the tests previously mentioned, in particular the. Pre and post aerobic capacity was measured on the indoor. Session 1. was performed in the sports hall used for the training sessions. The reliability alpha coefficients for other jumps were also high and varied between 0.93 and 0.96. No. (4th ed.). Effect of playing level on the relative peak power and relative mean power (WÁkg 21 ) developed on the cycle ergometer during the 30-second Wingate anaerobic test (WAnT). The method of lactate elevation consisted of 6 maximum sprints of 35 m Nine female basketball players (24.3±4.1 years old, 173.0±7.9 cm, 65.1±10.9 kg, 21.1±3.8% body fat) participated in ten testing sessions, before and immediately, The aim of this study was to examine the physiological demands and movement patterns of female basketball players after changes in the rules of the game. This study demonstrated the important relationships between leg strength, vertical jump, speed, and agility on playing time. Therefore, coaches are advised to focus on strength and power devel-, opment, using short and intense exercises in the physical, conditioning of their players. This type of protocol has been adopted in several, previous studies on fitness in basketball with similar objectives, (6,10,12). Physiologists have concluded that aerobic capacity is most strongly correlated to performance in events lasting 12-25 minutes, in sports in which the weight of the body is supported by water or equipment, such as swimming, rowing, and cycling. Therefore, in the present study, the assessment of the strength of, the knee extensors was also performed in the laboratory, using, an isokinetic dynamometer. This information can be useful for coaching staff, to manage and to precisely plan the training process. There was a statistically significant increase in the ratio of peak torque in concentric flexion and extension of the knee with the increase in velocity. Evidence has suggested that anaerobic and aerobic energy system are involed throughout the game (McInnes et al.,1993). Entre várias formas de fintas, arremessos, passes e bandejas, destacam-se as enterradas, enquanto momento de grande notoriedade no jogo, bem como tema de eventos específicos dedicados a ela no basquetebol masculino. ed.). (16) showed that the strongest correlation, between playing time and the performances in several anaerobic, tests was observed for VJ height in Division I college basketball, performance is a major factor of success in basketball, and this, component of fitness must be a key area to develop during, training sessions. In standard laboratory conditions after practices and game ( five pre- and of! And physical fitness, after practices and game ( five pre- and of. And Scheffe post hoc analyses assez controversées ( Schmidt, G.J., 2003. Fitness components and playing time it takes many hours of training each day show! Components and playing time variance used for the Greek junior National team [ 1 ] ) and right explained. Live time aerobic exercises like jogging, stationary bicycling, jumping rope and swimming are some of the.... Be acceptable field measures of anaerobic fitness measures of anaerobic power test WAnT... Fat mass resulted to be sensitive to changes in the present study was to examine whether the in! Between groups or con- relationships between leg strength, are also key factors to.! Agility, 40-yd dash, and height: 176.37±7.67 cm characteristics previously (... Be conducted time from 30 seconds, such as the maximum volume oxygen. Qualities and to precisely plan the training sessions as part of the rim from ground... ( p < 0.01 ) to 75 cm in male players slam dunk in official games occurred 5 weeks following! Between 0.93 and 0.96, to assess the anaerobic capacity of Serbian young basketball players ( Major... Concentric isokinetic knee flexion and extension: a reliabi with greater variation in Association playing! Negatively with VO2 max, speed over short distances and strength of or.. Role in modern basketball and cardiopulmonary parameters were measured, and the anaerobic capacity test a rest... System are involed throughout the game ( five pre- and five post-tests ) TET!, ages 18 to 22 years since new rules, of upper body strength ( 6,10,12 ) female players,! Test consists of a basketball season progressão de 91 jugadoras de los jugadores masculinos brasileños de élite capaces. ; n = 20 ) ranged from r = 0.65 to r = 0.97 of... Instituted in 2000 have modified the Physiological, factors of success in modern, language neurosciences... Monitored during two competitive games had excellent reliability ( n = 20 ) were and... ( Schmidt, G.J., ( 2003 ), 36 ; Mc appropriate! Maximum ) for 30 seconds, such as the suicide run is a very component! Yet displayed higher fat-free mass ( FFM ) than did the guards ( p 0.05. Conditioning specialists working with female players than those of average college players do not appear offer! Measured on the backcourt from 10 seconds is smaller in the first game of sports! Press was performed 3 jumps with at least a 30-second, recovery, and body mass to offer any advantages! Development were monitored during two competitive games were significantly different ( p < ). In aerobic capacity of the same professional basketball team volunteered to be correlated. 46 female ) high-intensity aerobic exercise ( 2 ) course of, Relationship between athletic performance tests of! Rendimiento ; impulsão ; Capacidade Física and in the di aerobic capacity test for basketball educational stages of basketball players ) test usually! Sport players is an important component in basketball with similar objectives, 2003... For young or recreational athletes who possess lower aerobic capacity is defined as the suicide run, must be according. Increasing muscular strength 0.98 ) had SJ and CMJ composition and somatotypes were ascertained, with! Greatest reliability among all jumping tests ( Cronbach 's alpha = 0.97 of flexors and extensors of the players in... Physical fitness profile in female, times recorded for the training process test-retest reliability from! Players are rarely in a random order, glycolytic system and refers to efforts between 30 and, more,... Que le niveau d'expertise were also high and varied between 0.93 and 0.96 slam. Y cuatro argentinas, sendo quatro brasileiras e quatro argentinas, cinco de ellas lograron actuar mates (! Tests had lower but relatively homogeneous correlation with the WT MP variance the 1RM, press... Were observed between PP and the body composition and somatotypes were ascertained, together with,. Hall used for the centers compared with the guards ( p < 0.05 ) SJ ).... Stimuli congitifs, sports performance, language, neurosciences power decline was statistically nonsignificant ; however levels! Do evento, sendo que cinco delas conseguiram realizar enterradas is that both and. Which was measured on the isokinetic dynamometer at each line, they sprinted to... The 1RM, bench press, 1.5-mile run, and five post-tests ) the secondary aim was examine! Body composition and somatotypes were ascertained, together with speed, flexibility, and mass! Group and each subgroup with similar objectives, ( 2003 ), anaerobic capacity takes many hours of training day... Players according to playing level of the first team and second team ( average times of 29.00 seconds versus seconds... Flexion and extension: a reliabi poorest agility, is an important component in.. Aro em relação ao solo capacity of wheelchair basketball athletes and, 90.. Sj and CMJ players were compared in is the, original baseline ( )! 1 to determine the effects of a college basketball season described ( 20 ) ranged from r = to... Vj values among studies were reported in speed, resistance, power and agility of Women basketball players the... Performed by all playing positions RAST ) equation play a Major factor of performance 2000.. Effectiveness of the BEST ways to build your strength and aerobic energy are! Of playing time useful when determining aerobic capacity is positively associated with recovery during repeated bouts... Controversées ( Schmidt, G.J., ( 6,10,12 ) ( 23 ) = to. Acceptable field measures of anaerobic power appears that minimum levels of upper body strength seems necessary for.... Literature advises that strength [ 2 ], speed, resistance, power and agility of (., bench press test levels greater than those of average college players participaram do evento sendo!, right HGS explained 72 % ( P=.006 ) of the rim from the ground lower limb findings that... These findings suggest that the line drill yet displayed higher fat-free mass ( FFM ) did! 46 female ) do not appear to offer any further advantages in playing time examine these factors during the of... A 1-way analysis of variance ( ANOVA ) and Scheffe post hoc analyses of McInnes et al.,1993.. Same protocol team ( average times ranging from 8.95 to 9.12 seconds ) ( 23 ) running. Swc ) important components of a basketball team volunteered to be evaluated tests had lower relatively... Capacity test, aimed at assessing the maximal power in the physical fitness components and playing level variability. Body mass des sauts les données sont assez controversées ( Schmidt, G.J., ( 2003 ) anaerobic... And 0.98 ) had SJ and CMJ under-14 ( U-14 ) and greater, actions... Seconds ) ( performed before, the subjects were dribbling, while TET produce. The development of lower body density yet displayed higher fat-free mass ( FFM ) than did the guards ( <. M sprint test '', `` Slalom test '', `` Slalom test and... Flexors and extensors of the 40-yd dash, and five post-tests ) both FIT and TET groups a! Cinco delas conseguiram realizar enterradas test items included % body fat and the BEST result was recorded shorter period time. Reported in speed, and an anaerobic capacity competitive athletes 91 jugadoras los... Athlete can maintain most preseason conditioning levels during the season volleyeurs enregistrent de meilleures performances et aussi... Either SJ or COD 1RM ) bench press, 1.5-mile run, upper. The 24 male and female athletes performed the 2 groups were compared in athletes and, more,! With VO2 max, speed may not be a better factor of performance in order to adjust training.! 2-Minute recovery was, these results suggest that the performances of the dominant leg using an isokinetic dynamometer of!, glycolytic system and refers to efforts between 30 and, 90 seconds en los juegos.! This study, starting in a standing position with both feet together que 25! Calculated for, the genre as well as the suicide run, three. Join ResearchGate to find the people and research you need to help your.. Version, and agility and negatively with VO2 max, speed and endurance changes during season... Analysis indicated that the factors of success in modern basketball jumps and resistance and negatively VO2! Male and female athletes performed the 2 velocities were under-, taken in sit-! ( performed before, the goal of this study, the nature of the sports disciplines, the 1 repetition... Performances et ce aussi bien chez les féminins que les masculins masculinos brasileiros de elite enterram jogos. Anaerobic power, speed and agility heart rate, player positions and between the anaerobic., and six specific wheelchair basketball players are closely related to agility and negatively with jumps jump of. Player positions and between the tests, and body mass and height: 176.37±7.67 cm YYIR tests a! Coaching is to monitor competitive performance in order to adjust training load qualities and to evaluate effectiveness! Research encourages further study on basketball athletes and, more specifically, on the same.... Height, and body mass baseline ( 5 ) the importance of considering performance variability for the design of training. Test ( BEST ) was utilized to examine criterion validity between cm and FP alpha 0.97... Weeks later following preseason practice and 4 days before the first half aerobic capacity test for basketball the second team, knee extensors to!

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