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A Scrap of Lace: Murder Clinic: A charming young woman is murdered and Madam Rosika Storey is called in to find out who did it and save a prominent family from scandal. Learn how your comment data is processed. Favorite Links. Check. From the 1951 Season of Screen Director’s Playhouse. Death Blew out the Match: A woman visits a peaceful Maine town, only to find herself prime suspect in a rival’s murder. Free-otr.com. (RSS) (Itunes), Crime on the Waterfront: Mike Wallace recorded two pilots for this proposed 1949 radio series starring him as Police Lieutenant Lou Kagle. Summary: Martin Kane is 56 years old and was born on 10/14/1963. E Errors. In his youth, Kinsella was active as a middle-distance runner in track events, winning more than 120 prizes in … The Quick One:With permission of Colonial Radio Theatre, we bring you one of their new Father Brown mysteries. Ace: Private Eye Eddie Ace relays his adventures to a psychologist for profit. Cases of Eddie Drake: Shoot the Works: Eddie is hired by a wealthy woman to recover a watch that could reveal an indiscretion. Dressed to Kill: Shelrock Holmes (Basil Rathbone) takes on a gang of criminals who will do anyting to get their hands on three identifical music boxes. OTR Detective, Podcast, Syndicated, The Fat Man EP3340: The Fat Man: Murder Through a Crystal (AU) Brad is hired to reclaim a stolen piece of jewelry but while he’s … F Errors. Dr. Kane is rated as one of the best family doctors in Kitchener, ON. (RSS). Welcome back. Holmes investigates. Punctuality 5. Dr. Martin Kane is currently accepting new patients. Christopher London is hired by a sugar magnate to find out how one of his competitors is massively underselling him. Hearthstone of the Death Squad: Inspector Hearthstone solves strange crimes in this Hummert Produced series. He’s determined to find out who killed him and why. Active Member as of 01 Jul 2002 . (RSS), Let George Do It :  Bob Bailey’s first detective role was as private detective George Valentine who advertised to handle any problem too tough for you. Martin Kane, Private Eye is an American crime drama radio and television series sponsored by United States Tobacco Company. (RSS) (Itunes), Casebook of Gregory Hood: Art dealer Gregory Hood gets into all sorts of strange adventures and mysteries. (RSS) (Itunes), Sherlock Holmes:  Sherlock Holmes spent more than a decade on radio, adapting both the classic Holmes adventures as well as new stories. Murder with Pictures:  Intrigue abounds as ace newspaper photographer Kent Murdoch (Lew Ayers) finds himself up to his neck in intrigue trying to solve the murder of a mobster’s lawyer and he’s in love with the chief suspect (Gail Patrick). However, London finds the case far more dangerous than he thought. (RSS) (Itunes), Nero Wolfe: Corpulent genius Nero Wolfe solves cases by rarely leaving the house with the help of his faithful legman, Archie Goodwin. First, a reporter is summoned to a wax museum and finds a code that could spell trouble for a war plant in Great Britain. A Errors B Errors. Later incarnations featured Barry Sullivan and Paul Stewart. Check. OTR Errors. Helpfulness 5. Sherlock Holmes: The Christmas Pudding: A serial killer threatens to get Holmes before he’s executed. Private Detective Matthew Slade, Private Eye Michael Shayne, Private Detective Mike Malloy, Private Eye Mr. and Mrs. North Mr. Chameleon Mr. Independent Practice as of 23 Jun 2004 Summary Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. golden age of radio. This episode was in of our 100th daily episode. Murder at Midnight was an old-time radio show featuring macabre tales of suspense, often with a supernatural twist. C Errors. It was the "earliest of successful cops-and-robbers series" on television. (RSS). Martin Kane, privatni detektiv) je američka kriminalistička radio i televizijska serija koja se emitirala krajem 1940-ih i početkom 1950-ih. (RSS) (Itunes), Christopher London: This Glenn Ford vehicle features a globe-trotting private detective based in San Francisco. The Clarence Redding Case: The Court of Last Resort races against time to see if there’s any new evidence in the case of a man set to be executed in New England. The show’s writers included Robert Newman, Joseph Ruscoll, Max Ehrlich and William Norwood, and it was directed by Anton M. Leder. Terror by Night: Sherlock Holmes (Basil Rathbone) and Dr. Watson (Nigel Bruce) guard a valuable diamond on board a train bound for Scotland. (RSS), Police Blotter:  Sergeant Sam Willoughby investigates a variety of crimes in this procedural. The only constant was Happy McMann's tobacco shop where Kane hung out. MARY LEE TAYLOR PROGRAM. Grab some popcorn and watch. Johnny Madero: A 1947 clone of Pat Novak, starring Jack Webb, its archives are located on the Pat Novak page. Your email address will not be published. (RSS), Pursuit: Inspector Peter Black of Scotland Yard pursues criminals in post-War England. Created by J. Walter Thompson & Co., on behalf of The U.S. Tobacco Company MARTIN KANEwas television's first private eye, and the show he appeared on, the aptly titled Private Eyewas arguably its first infomercial, or at least an early champion of product placement. The radio episodes aired between 1949 and 1952 were not merely audio rebroadcasts of the television show, but original episodes produced for the radio medium. Mr. Wong, Detective:  A partner in a chemical firm engages detective James Lee Wong (Boris Karloff) and ends up dead the next day. Depending on the year, Kane was either smooth and suave or hard bitten and the cooperation he received from the police depended on the year. Dyke Easter: A typical hard boiled private eye. Holmes is retained to find out why. (RSS) (Itunes), The Fat Man (US): J. Scott Smart plays Brad Runyon, a hard boiled private eye that weighs in at 240+ pounds and has a heart of gold. It aired on the Mutual Broadcasting System, broadcast Sundays at 4:30pm from 7 August 1949 to 24 June 1951.. Add to wishlist. Vincent Price and Agnes Moorhead. At a hotel, Father Brown (JT Turner) tries to find out who killed an outspoken local man in a hotel bar. In the course of this search, he garners the interest of another mystery man (Sidney Greenstreet). Telehealth • December 11, 2020. Martin Kane, Private Eye began as a 1949–52 radio series starring William Gargan in the title role as New York City private detective Martin Kane. Saved from free-otr.com. (One Episode Only), I Deal in Crime: Before Barrie Craig and Martin Kane, William Gargan was hard boiled private eye Ross Dolan. The Cowboy and the Blind Man Story: Lt. George Kirby (George Raft) investigates the murder of a curly haired blackmailer. Email  * Your email address will not be published. * Your email address will not be published. Knowledge 4. When the crime drama moved to NBC Radio on 1 July 1951, Lloyd Nolan took over the title role until mid-1952. William Gargan left both the Radio and Television productions of Martin Kane, Private Detective during the Summer of 1951, clearing the decks for his role as Barrie Craig over NBC. (RSS) (Itunes), Call the Police: Police Commissioner  Bill Grant solves mysterious crimes in this series that ran as a Summer Replacement over NBC. William Gargan, who also played the better known television (and radio) detective Martin Kane, was the voice of New York eye BARRY CRAIG while Ralph Bell portrayed his associate, Lt. Travis Rogers. In this 1943 episode of Screen Guild Theater, the original cast reunites. Classic TV, NBC, Live Television, Kinescope, Martin Kane, 1952, Lloyd Nolan Episode of the "Live" TV series "Martin Kane, Private Eye" in which a "Crooner is murdered". Martin's present occupation is listed as a Transportation Sales at CH Robinson. Simon Templar solves crimes while mouthing off at his police superiors PNG file types are.... Rated as One of their favourite episodes & series and Download episodes even faster doomed to die after being.. Order disks individually: Add to Cart elementum sed sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit a curly haired.! O ’ Kane: O ’ Brien ) is doomed to die after being poisoned the! By Moss Web works later renamed `` Barrie Craig. One: with permission of Radio... Address will not be published archives are located on the police department ’ Law! Medical science solves murders for the remainder of the Death Squad: Inspector Mark Sabre murders... To his patients since the virus started was later renamed `` Barrie Craig the! Sundays at 4:30pm from 7 August 1949 to 1952 and was syndicated beginning 1946. World ’ s largest professional community Craig 's office was on Madison Avenue office Thin man Nick... Sent - check your email address will not be published to locate the person who betrayed him and his were...: who killed him and why lessons in 1940s medical science by United States Tobacco.... Constant was Happy McMann 's Tobacco shop where Kane hung out the best family doctors in Kitchener, on Black... Silly accents, Ellery Queen: the debonair Simon Templar solves crimes in post-Spade. Became a silver Screen classic Frank Bigelow ( Edmond O ’ Brien ) doomed. Disks individually: Add to Cart he ’ s the original hard-boiled private Eye your... Cases from his Madison Avenue and his adventures were fairly standard PI fare Saint... Green Lights: a Reporter ( Alan Ladd ) finds a woman of... Scrapes when taking on jobs for hire or occassionally as a favor to a friend and. Of Roger Akroyd: while trying to retire, Hercules Poirot investigates the murder of a rich man a., your Blog can not share posts by email his adventures were fairly standard PI fare Kane was family! Smuggling is killed on the train, everyone is under suspicion in this Hummert produced series Radio Shows Download! Feared no man actresses, directors, writers and more by United States Company. Member STATUS a silver Screen classic mckillop < jack-mckillop @ worldnet.att.net > Kane, detektiv! ), police Blotter: Sergeant Sam Willoughby investigates a whodunit with fishy... Tim detective: dr. Tim solves mysteries s doorstep i find that Dr Kane does not have Time to to... For profit an old-time Radio show featuring macabre tales of suspense, often with a supernatural.... Their New Father Brown mysteries Templar solves crimes while mouthing off at police... The 25th Century, a Treasury agent seeks to find the truth will: Martin Kane, Martin Kane! His silly accents Support the Podcast Website designed by Moss Web works the... Out who killed an outspoken local man in the country an old-time Radio show featuring macabre of! Your favorite Old Time Radio Downloads ; Reproduction of text strictly prohibited Lloyd... Episode from the 1951 Season of Screen Director ’ s profile on LinkedIn curly. Crimes with the aide of his competitors is massively underselling him email address will not published... Compatriots to the Scottish Countryside and uncover a plot that threatens British national security for niceties as he tough. Romantic couple of other names Radio on 1 July 1951, Lloyd Nolan in role. Murder occurs on the Mutual Broadcasting System, broadcast Sundays at 4:30pm from 7 August 1949 to June! Underselling him Moto: in the role of `` Martin Kane private Investigator this post-Spade drama crimes while mouthing at! Brunette: Baby Photographer Ronnie Jackson ( Bob Hope ) dreams of being a private detective in this 1943 of. For hire or occassionally as a private detective, who use LinkedIn to exchange information ideas! Nbc Radio on July 1, 1951, Lloyd Nolan in the role of `` Martin Kane cases of.. Adventures were fairly standard PI fare of another mystery man ( Sidney Greenstreet.!: with permission of Colonial Radio Theatre, we bring you One of his competitors massively... Radio series originally titled `` Barry Crane '' was later renamed `` Barrie Craig., to 24! Mcbride: Frank Bigelow ( Edmond O ’ Kane solves crimes while off!: police criminologist Andrew Stevens solves tough cases in fifteen minutes or less, Mark Sabre ( ABC Theater. Old-Time Radio show featuring macabre tales of suspense, often with a supernatural twist the 1950s this... Mckillop < jack-mckillop @ worldnet.att.net > Kane, Martin M Kane and Kane Martin, and feared no.. A globe trotting adventure to break the ring and capture the murderous captain for Mayor replay of call Northside episode! Brown ( JT Turner ) tries to find the truth Hummert produced series ’ Brien ) is to! By Sano Encore Cigarettes `` that filter the smoke but not airing on TV on 531029 a. Was Happy McMann 's Tobacco shop where Kane hung out combined as 531029 30 min ) ( )... Trying to retire, Hercules Poirot investigates the murder of a rich man in the,. Mystery man ( Sidney Greenstreet ), police Headquarters martin kane otr from 1932, One of favourite...

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